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Monday, March 12, 2012

Going for 50

I headed out this morning to run some errands and of course I had to get my 20 bird MDR.  After hitting Spruce Run on the way to return a Redbox movie, I had 21 species.  If I turned right I could return the movie.  Turning left I could hit Island Road and Round Valley in order to get a 30 Bird Bonus Day.  Eastern Meadowlarks were singing on Island Road, and my first Tree Swallow of the year was checking out a nest box while a pair of Eastern Bluebirds called loudly.  A good number of ducks at Round Valley had me leaving there with 39 species.  Demott Pond near the Redbox dropoff got me Gadwall and Mallard for 41 species.  Driving past Jutland Lake on the way home I netted a couple of Redhead with the American Wigeon.  That and the Black Vultures on the road gave me 44 birds.  A mile from home I decided to head back to Spruce Run for a couple more birds--Lesser Black-backed Gull, Dark-eyed Junco (finally!) and Downy Woodpecker.

Shoot, I've got more birds than that in my own backyard, so I headed home.  Purple Finch and Eastern Towhee made 49.  Finally a Northern Flicker called off in the woods for 50.  Finally, a 50 Bird Day!  Not bad for a half day in early spring in NJ with no ocean :-)

As I write this up, a White-breasted Nuthatch is calling in the yard for 51.  Let the fun continue!


Laurence Butler said...

Awesome! Great narration

Linda said...

Great job getting 50! I would have turned left too.

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