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Friday, March 30, 2012

Trash Bird

OK, can you tell what it is?  The bird, not the trash :-)

Here's a better shot.

Here's a slightly fuzzy shot of the bird hopping up and surface gleaning from a bare branch.

All in all a nice walk this morning around the boat launch at Spruce Run.  Relocated the Vesper Sparrow found this morning by Frank Sencher, as well as my first of year Palm Warbler shown here, and first of year Brown Thrasher singing from scrub along access road to the boat launch.


sarah said...

The bird looks big for a warbler

Laurence Butler said...

I might be a little confused. Is the 2nd/3rd bird the same as the first? The 2nd photo looks like a Prairie Warbler to me, but could be a Palm Warbler too; I'm unfamiliar with either species.

Anyhow, this was fun.

birdchaser said...

Yep, same bird in all the shots.

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