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Friday, March 03, 2006

Fighting Eagles

Got headed in to work late today (i.e. the sun was up), so had time to swing by Peace Valley park where up to 10 Bald Eagles have been hanging out lately. It was great to watch two young eagles fighting. One swooped down and caught a fish in the middle of the lake, and the second bird flew after it. The second bird swooped on the first, and pulled up to grab at it with its talons. The first bird dropped the fish and flew off, coming back around to try and get the fish back from the surface of the water. On the second try, it got the (same?) fish back, and the second bird started chasing it again. The birds locked talons briefly at one point.

The whole time, dozens of gulls were flying around and hundreds of mergansers were floating on the water below. At one point, one of the young birds flew right over my car about 30 feet up. Amazing to watch these huge birds, and to know that there are now over 7,000 pairs of them nesting in the U.S., up from under 450 pairs in the mid-1960s. Very cool detour on my morning commute.


Dave Dorsey said...

That's 7000 pairs in the lower 48 states. They have never been endangered in Alaska.

Nice story Rob. Note: put camera in vehicle. Do you think the fight was over the fish or territory?

Anonymous said...

hi there,

was just over there today on my lunch break and thought i was having visual hallucinations when i saw the first bald eagle of my life (not in a zoo).

came home and did a google search and found your blog, which has given me hope that i am still of sound mind. (WHEW!)

can't wait to get back over there tomorrow!!!


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