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Friday, March 17, 2006

Media Coverage and Lame Bird Puns

Why is it, that whenever a bird story hits the news, reporters can't seem to avoid using bad bird puns? In the most recent CBS story about the Ivory-billed Woodpecker debate, entitled "Feathers Fly in Woodpecker War", the problem extends beyond the headline to include the following bad bird references:

"top bird expert is pecking away"
"controversy took wing"
"Gov. Mike Huckabee flew into the fray in a bid to ground Sibley"

Is anyone else out there sick of the tired, lame bird references that slip into news stories about birds? Tired of stories of birders "flocking" to see rare birds. Of bird controversies causing a "flap"? Of bird conservationists "getting their feathers ruffled"?

While bird stories may provide a lighthearted break from otherwise grim news reporting, here's my plea to journalists:

Lay off the lame bird references. Just because it's a bird story, doesn't mean that people want you to try and be cute. If you want people to enjoy your bird stories, just make sure you spell the names of the birds correctly, and get your facts straight and the story will take care of itself. No need for tired old bird puns. We are not amused!


John B. said...

The one that I dislike the most is the "_____ is for the birds" line. I generally will not link stories that use that as a headline.

birdchaser said...

Yes John, I can't stand that one!

Anonymous said...

No bird puns here. Other puns, just as needed.

Just pasting to link below police blotter briefs that report mysterious things are going on in Arkansas, and authorities suspect ... ivory-billed woodpeckers

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this, though I don't see enthusiasts in other interests escaping the tarnish of bad puns.

Anonymous said...

i'm amused! i arrived here looking for bird puns!

Anonymous said...

Me too!!! Thanks for doing me a good tern by putting up all these bird puns!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think... that instead of bird puns they shud use assorted puns completely out of place. A pun about a completely different animal would be comical.

Anonymous said...

josh should have said "completely out of plaice"

Anonymous said...

I too was looking for bird puns, what a bird brain I've been! Must dash - no nest for the wicked!

JP said...

Bird puns? Toucan play that game

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