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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tooth Fairy Bird

A lighthearted jab at speculation about the role of migratory birds in spreading HPAI H5N1 bird flu virus is Martin Williams and Nial Moores' online article describing the illusory Tooth Fairy Bird. The authors conclude that:

"The Tooth Fairy Bird is clearly an intriguing scientific and social phenomenon – never yet found, existing most strongly in the brains of certain virologists, officials and journalists (and, of course, some bloggers, bless ‘em), and with a strong and widespread hold in the popular imagination. Like the mythical bogeyman that some parents find convenient, the Tooth Fairy Bird is ever ready for blaming when bird flu strikes, always available for helping sound dire warnings of doom."

A fun read, with some good information on problems with the "Wild-birds-are-spreading-bird-flu Theory".

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