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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Timberdoodles with kids

Last night I took my kids out to look for the woodcocks that are displaying at Peace Valley near our house. In the gathering darkness, me and my kids stood shivering in the cold, listening as the Canada Geese settled down on the lake, and American Robins called from the woods. Eventually, we started hearing the loud "bzeent" calls of the American Woodcocks in the tangles around the edge of the field. Then the whistle of wings. There were at least six birds calling, but they didn't do any close flights my kids could see. I saw three birds off in the distance, but it wasn't the best showing.

Interestingly, though we did this last year, it seemed like my kids didn't remember it. Too many video games, not enough birding!


Anonymous said...

Kids these days! I'm almost 50 and one of my fondest memories of my youth is listening to and watching the mating flights of the old Timberdoodles in the fields behind the house.

Anonymous said...

I think all kids should go out and experience Timberdoodles! I plan sometime this week to go looking for them! Might be early but worth a try!

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