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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bird Atlasing

This is the last year of the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas project, and I still have a lot of holes in my assigned survey block, so yesterday I spent a few hours in the morning driving the roads around Souderton and Franconia, in Montgomery County. No real surprises, but I was able to confirm breeding for a few more species, and find possible breeding Eastern Kingbirds in two places. Its fun to do these surveys, and to spend a little more time watching each bird to see what their behavior will tell you about their breeding status. With a few extra minutes of watching, that Chipping Sparrow goes from just a probable breeder, to confirmed as it flies over and feeds a fledged young bird. Very fun.

1 comment:

dguzman said...

That's what I like about atlassing--taking the time to get more than just a P (probable). I've seen a mother robin feeding a baby brown-headed cowbird, a red-headed woodpecker visiting his nesting cavity, and a downy woodpecker feeding her baby insect after insect. I love the spring, and I'm sad to see the Atlas years end.

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