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Monday, June 16, 2008


Just over a month ago, I noticed a robin building a nest on my neighbor's porch. Not just any neighbor's porch, but the neighbor with the four active young boys that my kids love to play with in their yard. What was that robin thinking, I wondered? How would it ever pull off raising a brood with all those kids running around in the yard?

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but those robins did so marvelously! The nest is now empty, and after watching the robins go from being eggs to noisy squawkers, all the neighborhood kids want is for the birds to return and raise another batch of young. Who am I to say what is a good place for a bird to build its nest? In this case, the seemingly poor choice turned out great. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

I had a pair of Steller's Jays choose my front porch this spring. They also successfully raised their brood despite my doubts about their sanity. I wonder if they figure the noise and chaos keeps predators away.

Anonymous said...

Glad things turned out great with the Robins!

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