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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Daily List

At 7:30 this evening I was sitting at home when I realized I hadn't gotten my Bird RDA, so I quickly slipped down to the creek and park behind my house. In less than 20 minutes I pushed the day list to 22 species, only 110% of the Bird RDA, but better than nothin!

1) Blue Jay
2) Fish Crow
3) Mallard
4) Great Blue Heron
5) Chimney Swift
6) Barn Swallow (seen on way to church in the morning)
7) Common Grackle
8) Mourning Dove
9) European Starling
10) House Sparrow
11) Song Sparrow
12) House Finch
13) Carolina Wren
14) House Wren
15) Eastern Bluebird
16) Carolina Chickadee
17) Gray Catbird
18) Northern Mockingbird
19) American Robin
20) American Goldfinch
21) Red-bellied Woodpecker
22) Northern Cardinal

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