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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eskimo Curlew in Netherlands?

So what do you make of these photos recently taken in Netherlands? Eskimo? Little?


Rick Wright said...

I'm afraid to me it looks like a Eurasian Curlew. I don't see anything that recalls one of the small species. Alas!

birdchaser said...

Agreed it doesn't seem to offer a lot plumage wise, but what about the size? It looks pretty tiny? I've heard of runt curlews, but that seems beyond runtish?

Rick Wright said...

Does look notably small in the photos, but that could be an artifact. The bill is oddly thick and heavy, way too stout for either of the small curlews. I think it's just an odd photo of arquatus.

Bird of Paradise said...

If i were one of those little curlews i would stay in hiding from the buricrats with track collars and eco-wacko nit-wits

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