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Thursday, August 14, 2008


In leading a workshop session today at the Hog Island Audubon camp, I had to keep some people inside during the small group breakout activity because of their Bird Induced Attention Deficit Disorder (BIADD). Of course, I suffer from this myself. Even during part of my own talk I saw a small Buteo circling around outside the window. Someone who was outside was able to ID it as a Red-shouldered Hawk. I was distracted. At least a little bit. It is hard to focus when there are so many birds to see!

Do you suffer from BIADD too? Do birds make it hard to drive? To work on the computer? To listen to your spouse, kids, or friends? Are birds ruining your life?


Christopher said...

I too suffer from BIADD. In addition to my constantly looking over the shoulders of others, skyward, etc. One way in which it manifests itself is that I constantly pepper my conversations with id's. Usually under my breath, but will shout for something cool. "Hey Joe, did you (chickadee) see that special on (goldfinch) PBS last night about the HOLY CRAP - PEREGRINE! - gotta go, see ya!"

joated said...

At last! A name for the disorder. Now if Blue Cross/Blue Shield would only fund the trips necessary to aleviate such a problem. (Or would going on too many birding outings only exacerbate the illness? Is there such a thing as too many birding trips?)

birdchaser said...

Yeah Christopher, that's what I'm talking about. It is totally debilitating! And it makes people think you aren't listening to them. If they only knew that with our heightened mad birding reflexes, we hear and see much more than normal people, maybe they wouldn't be upset when we carried out what otherwise might look like inattentive conversations under the influence of BIADD.

And Joated, lets get with Blue Cross here soon. I think we need some clinical trials to see just what kind of therapy might best work for this. I'll sign up to be a guinea pig for this if it means a free Antarctic cruise or something!

Texas Travelers said...

What the others said.


I refuse to admit addiction.
I am in total denial.

Note: According to TEXBIRDS, there is a Jabiru near Raymondville. I am gone.

This was a great post.
I came over from IATB.
Come visit,

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