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Friday, August 01, 2008

Lion Reunion Video

If you haven't seen this yet, its a must see.

For more background on this experience, see this story on A full-length 1971 documentary about Christian the lion is online here.

And now for the bird connection...

Bird rehabilitators have long known that baby birds often become imprinted on humans. It can be a problem when birds think they themselves are humans. But sometimes by living closely with humans, the birds are able to still live as birds, but come to know, trust, and perhaps even prefer interacting with their human companions. Julie Zickefoose has one touching tale of baby hummingbirds that came to be part of her life (read and listen to the NPR story here, with a follow up here).

Perhaps we are missing out on how much we really can come to know and interact with wild birds. British author Len Howard opened up her cottage to birds, coming to know them as individuals as they interacted with her daily. One time a bird came in and tried to get her attention. According to Howard, the bird's nest was being threatened and the bird wanted her to come out and help defend the nest.

Its hard to know what to make of these animal stories, but one thing is for sure. The world of birds and animals is much bigger than we normally imagine, and by spending all of our time in human-centered pursuits, we only see the tip of the iceberg (if that!) of how we might better come to know, interact with, and perhaps even share our emotional lives with birds.


Anonymous said...

That's so great! I love the spirit of people who do these beautiful is wondrous how animals look to us for help and support..its as if we are suppose to know more about their prediments then we actually do...and its heartbreaking when people betray those trusts with abuse or destruction.

I know when my dogs look at me they have such trust in their eyes.

Oh by the way on the bird front, I have a Red-bellied woodpecker that carries on to let me know if there isn't suet in the feeder. And, Carolina Wrens that nested close to the house, they come in when I leave the door open to see what we're doing and they use a distress call if anything is threatening their nest and I go outside and perform by body guard duties.

For more on the Lion a documentary that was made in the 70's is availavle on You Tube in 10 parts under "The Lion who Thought He Was People" Also the today show has tracked down John and Ace and has interveiwed them. Amazing men...amazing story!!!

Anonymous said...

ae-e, those Carolina Wrens are amazing. Last night I was out grilling burgers on my deck and the birds kept calling:

cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger

Who says birds can't talk!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Thanks for starting my morning off with a big bawl.
Probably shouldn't have turned up the Whitney Houston...bawwwww.
And thanks for the shout-out, Rob. Big smile!

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