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Friday, September 12, 2008

Birding Hotel Bambu in Santiago Atitlan

Our base of operations while we were in Santiago Atitlan was the Hotel Bambu--with a nice set of bungalows and other accommodations. Food and wireless internet there were great, and the grounds featured over 20 local birds, making it possible to get my Bird RDA without too much trouble, at least when it wasn't raining. The most common birds included Azure-crowned Hummingbird, Clay-colored Thrush (still want to call that a robin, despite what the AOU says), and Tropical Mockingbird.

1 comment:

gringoindavid said...

Hey we are the other bambu hostel in david Panama there is excellent birding at the lost and found jungle lodge in the fortuna national park about 45 minutes from the hostel, we have a pool good attitutdes and we love jam sessions and even provide the instruments, birders welcome!

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