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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey! There's a Bird in my Bellybutton!

I'm not sure if its my recent 40th birthday, or the upcoming 4th anniversary of this blog, or what, but I seem to be succumbing to some serious navel-gazing!

And what do I see, besides some extra flab? Why, a great big bird in the middle of my bellybutton!

To most people, having a bird in your belly would probably be cause for a visit to the hospital emergency room.

For me, it just leaves me puzzled.

Are birds too big a part of my life? Have they crowded out other things to the point where they are sometimes an irritant, like a flicker in your navel?

Once, I asked a friend if he ever thought birds had ruined his life. He scoffed at the notion. But I wonder. Do I ever, personally, take it too far?

After more than six months of getting my Bird RDA every day, I've fallen off the wagon. I can't tell right now if I am itching to chase birds in some exotic far away land, or if I just want a nap.

Am I in trouble, or what? Has my case progressed beyond Bird Induced Attention Deficit Disorder (BIADD) to develop into a dangerous Acute Birding Induced Malaise (ABIM)?

What happens when birds burrow so deeply into your soul, that you have a hard time functioning without them, yet they seem to be eating away at the rest of your life? When you feel all hollowed out, like a flicker snag, heavy and over-sodden in a rainstorm?

We love to speak of the joy of birding. But what of the burden? The dangers of peering too deeply into the heart of something so alien, that it numbs the mind?

I suspect more birding isn't the remedy for that. I need bird rehab. Not the kind where you take injured birds. More of a Betty Ford Center for birders who have gone too far!

But in lieu of that, perhaps its best to just settle in for a nice long nap! A couple days of rest is apt to be a tonic for the bird blinkered soul!


Anonymous said...

Just like any other good thing, I suppose you can get too much of birding.
But you know in no time at all you'll be ready to get back out there!

Carrie said...

Best. Title/Image combo. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob ... You need help man! I am a highly trained medical professional and I think I can help you. Hold on, let me get my scalpel, some hemostats and some suture and we'll fix you right up. A birdectomy is what you need my friend. Once you have that removal done, you will be able to bird as much as you want without feeling a bit guilty.

birdchaser said...

Larry, that sounds reasonable. Can they do that procedure with lasers these days?

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Sincerely yours

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