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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane damage to High Island

Here's a report on damage caused by Hurricane Ike at High Island. It sounds pretty bad, but could have been worse. It'll probably be fine for spring migration again next year.


Anonymous said...

The damage to the upper Texas coast is extensive and severe. High Island escaped some of the worst damage because of its position atop a salt dome, but lower-lying Anahuac NWR, Smith Point, Sabine Woods, Sea Rim State Park, Galveston Island State Park, and other sanctuaries and refuges have all suffered. In some cases, park headquarters and facilities were destroyed. In other cases, saltwater intrusion and pollutant spills may affect plant and animal life for some time to come. Human communities in the region were devastated. The Smith Point Hawk Watch has been closed for the rest of the season because of extensive damage to the count area.

I would gently suggest that birders who are interested in Texas and its ecosystems should consider assisting with environmental recovery and cleanup efforts rather just assuming that everything will be fine by the time spring migration rolls around again.


birdchaser said...

Thanks David. I was looking for info on Sabine Woods and elsewhere, but hadn't been able to get a report of anywhere besides High Island yet. Its going to take awhile before we know exactly how bad things are there for bird habitat. For people, Galveston, the Bolivar Peninsula, elsewhere are a disaster.

birdchaser said...

BTW, here's the latest on damage to Anahuac NWR--pretty grim.

birdchaser said...

And here's the latest from Galveston.

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