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Saturday, February 17, 2007

GBBC--record setting pace

Just over a day into the Great Backyard Bird Count, we're on a record setting pace for numbers of checklists submitted. At 10am EST on Saturday, we had 8491 checklists submitted. Last year at this time, we only had 5130 checklists in by now. In 2000 we had 6804 checklists in by this point. So keep it up, head outside, see some birds, and report them online here.

This morning from my back porch I was able to count more species than yesterday--including a flyby Lesser Black-backed Gull and the wintering Northern Mockingbird defending the holly tree. Since every day is different, submit a checklist for your yard each day this weekend so we can get an average count that more accurately depicts bird abundance in your area.


John said...

One thing I'm a little confused about - if I submit my backyard sightings for each day of the count period do I submit total numbers of all birds seen each day, or just report new birds and additional numbers above those I've previously submitted? The GBBC instructions are a little unclear about that.

birdchaser said...

Submit a full list of all birds seen at each location each day. That way, when we average the number of each species seen over the course of the weekend, we'll get a much more accurate view of bird abundance in each location.

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