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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Species for the GBBC

So far we've added three new species to the Great Backyard Bird Count for the first time this year. I've wanted to get Lesser Prairie Chicken on the count for the past three years, and we finally got a sighting reported this year from Oklahoma. This year we were finally able to update state checklists, which allowed us to (finally!) record the Falcated Duck that has been returning to Oregon each of the last few winters. Also, this year we were able to add the two Pink-footed Geese that have been hanging out near Newport, Rhode Island.

Hopefully there will be more new additions as we continue to sift through the records and drum up reports of birds still not submitted yet to the count. We are accepting reports from last weekend through February 28, so there is still time to submit your bird sightings online (here).


Smilodon said...

I'm curious, was the Scott's Oriole in Cumberland County included in the GBBC ?

birdchaser said...

Yes it was.

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