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Friday, February 16, 2007

GBBC Starts Today!!!

It's finally here, the Great Backyard Bird Count. I started the morning looking out my window at a frozen wasteland of an urban backyard. Only birds present: 10 European Starlings and 8 House Sparrows. The Northern Mockingbird that has been defending our holly tree, nowhere to be seen. No Mourning Doves on the lines. No House Finches or Dark-eyed Juncos at the feeder. Oh well, I did a count, and submitted it online.

On the way to work, I stopped by Peace Valley Park. I thought the lake would be entirely frozen, but no, there is still a small patch of open water. Best birds were a pair of Redheads floating out with the Common Mergansers and a pair of Hooded Mergansers. There was another small dark diving duck too far away to see for sure what it was. I'll have to go back again later. Meanwhile, when I got to work, I submitted another checklist for the park.

Here at work, I'm watching the feeders. Once I've got the high count for each species, I'll submit another checklist from here.

I love the GBBC! Tomorrow I'll take my kids out for a little bit before heading back here to the office to run GBBC support all day. The ground is covered with snow. Its bitter cold. But there are still birds out there to count!

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