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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter Wren

I've been practically living with my computer surgically attached to my body for the last week, while working on the GBBC. Besides the birds at Peace Valley Park on my way to work, and the birds at the feeders at work, I haven't been having enough bird encounters lately.

Today, on my morning walk, a pair of Winter Wrens caught my attention as they called back and forth to each other as them moved along the woods between the hike and bike path and Perkiomen creek near my house. These little brown puffballs are a joy to watch as they flit about. And they may have helped keep me from harm. By stopping to watch them, I narrowly avoided a very slippery patch of black ice on the path, that would have almost certainly caused me to tumble had I been marching along at full speed!
(photo:Melissa Whitmire)

1 comment:

Larry said...

That's a bird that has eluded me so far.- even had a more experienced birder find one right in front of me but never got a look at it.-nice pic!

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