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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 24--1000 Species Challenge Catch Up Day

Over 100 species of plants to check out!
Morning birding was a bit slow, though I did get my first Bullfrog, Lincoln's Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow for the month at Cold Brook Preserve, Tewksbury Twp, NJ.  On the way home I stopped in for some shopping at the Four Seasons Greenery in White House and picked up almost 130 species.  Browsing a nursery or garden center is like shooting fish in a barrel, but the productivity does highlight just how many species we choose to surround ourselves with in our homes and yards.  I came away with a lot of thoughts about things to plant in my yard...that's going to be a big project, eventually!

I'm now a bit ahead of my initial projected pace, and need less than 40 new species a day to reach my goal of 1000 species for the month.

Cumulative Species Total: 822

New Species
Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana
Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii
Palm Warbler Setophaga palmarum
American Milletgrass Milium effusum
Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum
Atlas Cedar Cedrus atlantica
Austrian Speedwell Veronica austriaca
Autumn Crocus Colchicum speciosum
Bamboo Fargesia rufa
Bear's Paw Cotyledon tomentosa
Black Spruce Picea mariana
Bletilla Orchid Bletilla striata
Blue Fescue Festuca glauca
Blue Spruce   Picea pungens
Blue Spruce Sedum Sedum reflexum
Burkwood Viburnum Viburnum burkwoodii
Butterfly Bush Buddleja davidii
Carolina Allspice Calycanthus floridus
Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera
Chinese Bush Cherry Prunus glandulosa
Chinese Finger Tree Chionanthus retisus
Chinese Juniper Juniperus chinensis
Chinese Willow Salix matsudana
Clematis Clematis flammula
Coleus Coleus sp.
Common Beach Fagus sylvatica
Common Grape Hyacinth Bellevalia pycnantha
Common Lilac Syringa vulgaris
Corydalis Corydalis lutea
Crabapple Malus x coracale
Creeping Juniper Juniperus horizontalis
Creeping Mazus Mazus reptans
Creeping Phlox Phlox stolonifera
Creeping Wire Vine Muehlenbeckia axillaris
Crimson Beebalm Monarda didyma
Crocus Crocus cartwrightianus
Cyclamen Cyclamen coum
Cyclamen-flowered Daffodil Narcissus cyclamineus
Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dutch Iris Iris x hollandica
Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis
Elephant Ear Colocasia escuentla
Elephant Grass Pennisetum purpureum
Elephant's Ear  Bergenia sp.
English Elm Ulmus procera
Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla
False Bucks Beard Astilbe japonica
False Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides
Forbes' Glory-of-the-snow Chionodoxa forbesii
Foxglove Digitalis purpurea
Galanthus Galanthus woronowii
German Iris Iris germanica
Geum Geum fragarioides
Giant Foxtail Setaria faberii
Goatsbeard Aruncus dioicus
Ground Ivy Glechoma hederacea
Heptacodium Heptacodium miconioides
Himalayan Juniper Juniperus squamata
Hosta Masquerade Hosta sp.
Huachuca Agave Agave parryi
Huernia Huernia plowesii
Hybrid Witch Hazel Hamamelis × intermedia
Impatiens Impatiens hybrida
Japanese Andromeda Pieris japonica
Japanese Holly Ilex crenata
Japanese Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica
Japanese Red Pine Pinus densiflora
Japanese White Pine Pinus parviflora
Japanese Zelkova Zelkova serrata
Joe Pye Weed Eutrochium sp.
Judy Zuk Magnolia Magnolia x brooklynensis
Katsura Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Ladybells Adenophora confusa
Larkspur Delphinium x elatum
Leyland Cypress Cupressus x leylandi
Lilly of the Valley Convallaria majalis
Limber Pine Pinus flexilis
Lizard's Tail Crassula muscosa
Miyamamatatabi Actinidia kolomikta
Mountain Witch Alder Fothergilla major
Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora
Nootka Cypress Cupressus nootkatensis
Northern Highbush Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum
Obedient Plant Physostegia virginiana
Othocalis Othocallis siberica
Paperbark Maple Acer griseum
Paperwhite Narcissus tazetta
Persimmon Diospyros kaki
Purple Dragon Lamium maculatum
Red Barberry Berberis thunbergii
Red Currant Ribes rubrum
Reed Canarygrass Phalaris arundinacea
Rhododendron  Rhododendron roseum
Saucer Magnolia Magnolia × soulangeana
Sawara Cypress Chamaecyparis pisifera
Schip Laurel Prunus laurocerasus
Serbian Spruce Picea omorika
Shasta Daisy Leucanthemum × superbum
Siberian Carpet Cypress Microbiota decussata
Siberian Dwarf Pine Pinus pumila
Siberian Wallflower Erysimum x allionii 
Silver Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis
Silver Dollar Plant Crassula arborescens
Skimmia Skimmia japonica
Smoke Bush Cotinus coggygria
Southern Arrowwood Viburnum dentatum
Spiked Speedwell Veronica spicata
Spiraea Spiraea x bumalda
Spotted Knapweed Centaurea maculosa
Spotted Laurel Aucuba japonica
Spotted Loosestrife Lysimachia punctata
Staghorn Sumac Rhus typhina
Summer Ragwort Ligularia dentata
Sun Begonia Begonia richmondensis
Thermopsis Thermopsis villosa
Threadleaf Coreopsis Coreopsis verticillata
Tiger Daylily Hemerocallis fulva
Tree Peony Paeonia suffruticosa
Umbrella Pine Sciadopitys verticillata 
Vinca Vinca sp.
Vine Maple Acer circinatum
Virginia Sweetspire Itea virginica
Voss Chain Tree Laburnum x watereri
White Fringetree Chionanthus virginicus
White Mulberry Morus alba
White Spruce Picea glauca
White Turtlehead Chelone glabra
White Willow Salix alba
White Wood Aster Eurybia divaricata
Willow Salix integra
Wood Dock Rumex sanguineus
Woodruff Galium odoratum
Yarrow Achillea millefolium
Yellow Archangel Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Yellow Grape Hyacinth Muscari macrocarpum


Reggie said...

I have read some of your articles about the truth on birds and their hearing. My question to you is, the sea gull, does it have the same hearing like other species of birds or can they hear ultrasonic sounds?
I hope you reach your goal of 1,000 birds, sounds peaceful and exciting.
Thank you for you time Dr.

Reggie Crumer

Aaron Tushabe said...

I read your article about birds and humans having the same hearing range there birds cant hear higher frequency sounds either. My question is: how do you explain this:

birdchaser said...

Aaron, sorry I didn't see your comment when it was posted. The sounds on the video you linked to are clearly not ultrasonic, since we can hear them.

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