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Monday, September 16, 2013

Half Way to 1000

Large Tolype Moth

As of 14 September, I'm exactly halfway to 1000 species for the month.  The species count has slowed down the last few days as I've been busy with my folks visiting from Oregon.  But I've still managed a few new species each day, and at the end of the 14th I was at 500 species even--exactly halfway to my goal.

Some interesting species the last few days include the Large Tolype moth--a fantastic fuzzy creature that I found hanging out under the lights on my garage, and the Kentucky Bluegrass growing in Yankee Stadium :-)

Kentucky Bluegrass growing in Yankee Stadium
Species total as of 14 September:  500+

New Species
Common Merganser Mergus merganser 13-Sep-13
Large Tolype Moth Tolype velleda 13-Sep-13
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Harmonia axyridis 13-Sep-13
Blue Swimmer Crab Portunus pelagicus 14-Sep-13
House Sparrow Passer domesticus 14-Sep-13
Wood Duck Aix sponsa 14-Sep-13
Anthurium Anthurium sp. 14-Sep-13
Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia gummi-gutta 14-Sep-13
Gerbera Daisy Gerbera sp. 14-Sep-13
Kalanchoe Kalanchoe sp. 14-Sep-13
Kentucky Bluegrass Poa pratensis 14-Sep-13
Moth Orchid Phalaenopsis sp. 14-Sep-13
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum sp. 14-Sep-13
Ponytail Palm Beaucarnea recurvata 14-Sep-13

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