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Monday, January 07, 2008

Busy Day

Lots to do today to get ready for my Arizona trip tomorrow. But between running errands, catching up on work at the office, a quick stop in at Peace Valley on the way to work, a couple quick looks in the fields and woods at work, I managed to exceed my Bird RDA.

However, there was another little goal I had in mind--I wanted to see 100 species the first week of the year. By the time I left work today I was at 99 species. So, my goal inspired a quick trip up to Lake Nockamixon after picking up my oldest daughter from school. Happily, I was able to easily find a first winter Iceland Gull at the marina and four Hooded Mergansers at the fishing pier to put me over the top.

This 100 birds a week is another interesting goal idea--it definitely got me out birding a few more times this week than I might otherwise have done. Would I drive myself crazy if I tried to do this every week? Not sure its sustainable at this point. The Bird RDA is probably pretty sane. A consistent 100 birds a week is probably not doable for me with everything else I'm doing right now.

Daily List: 33 species (165% of Bird RDA)
2008 List: 101 species

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