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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turkeys Gone Wild

This morning I stopped by a couple places at Lake Nockamixon after dropping the kids off from school. The Wild Turkey flock on Three Mile Run Rd was easily visible along the road, adding another species to my 2008 year list. Lots of ice is forming on the lake, so waterfowl were concentrated and mostly visible from the Fishing Pier, Three Mile Run Boat Launch, and the Marina. 8 Mute Swans at the Fishing Pier were interesting, as I don't see them up there a lot. 7 Hooded Mergansers, including 5 males were great to see. A Hermit Thrush was a bird that is reported up there all the time, but one I saw today for the first time up there in winter. Otherwise mostly the usual local species--I saw 29 species in under an hour. Only added a couple more later in the day--a Great Blue Heron in town and House Sparrows behind my house.

Day List: 31 species (155% of Bird RDA)
2008 List: 212 species
BIGBY List: 46 species

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