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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Top 10 Birds of 2007

This past year I didn't get much traveling in, so recorded only 277 species in the ABA area. But birding is always good, and I did have a great year. Here are my picks for my Top 10 Birds of 2007:

1) Ivory Gull. Chased this one with my oldest daughter on a snowy day last February. Very cool bird and fun memory.

2) Yellow-billed Loon. Another rare bird chase with my daughter.

3) Long-billed Murrelet. Another rare bird chase in the morning, and my daughter got to see it after school. Starting to see a trend here?

4) Western Reef Heron. Last year I missed it twice, once while searching with my family on our way up to Maine. This year, I missed it twice at Coney Island and finally saw it with all three of my kids.

5) Ruff. Kids missed this one, but great to finally see one in North America.

6) Northern Saw-Whet Owl. Kids got to see, and hold, this one.

7) Common Redpoll. Not common anywhere I've lived in the last 25 years. Good to see one practically in my backyard.

8) Sharp-tailed Grouse. Another bird I got to share with my kids. And my wife. And my brother-in-law. And my father-in-law. Very cool bird in Paradise, Utah.

9) American Oystercatcher. Fun to chase birds. Even more fun to find birds for others to chase. I found this 5th record for Pennsylvania and caused a birding rave at Lake Nockamixon near my house. Even got to take my daughter up to see it after school.

10) Sabine's Gull. After not seeing this bird for many years, it was great to see one again up in Maine.

A nice year, with some great birds I was able to share with my family. In 2008 I'll be traveling more for work, plan to see even more birds, and hope to have even better birding moments with my kids. Hope everyone had a great 2007, and here's to an even better 2008!

1 comment:

Patrick B. said...

Great list Rob!

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