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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Owl Moon

I really like the children's book Owl Moon, about a father taking his daughter out to look for owls at night. I've really enjoyed taking my kids owling, and last night after a church activity, I took my oldest daughter out to look for the Eastern Screech-Owl I called up last week. We pulled up to the spot, rolled down the windows, and played an owl tape. Within a couple minutes the small owl flew over the car. It played peek-a-boo with us for several minutes on each side of the car. Finally it landed on a branch were we could get a pretty good look at it silhouetted against the night sky. It called softly after we turned off the tape. A great daddy-daughter moment, even if a bit late on a school night.

Daily List: 35 species (175% of Bird RDA)
2008 List: 211 species


Patrick B. said...

Very cool! And thanks for pointing out that book. It's one to keep in mind for when I have kids. My father took me birding often when I was young. Although I dismissed birds for many years in favor of video games and TV, they eventually made their way back into my life full-force.

Nervous Birds said...

I love the owls, especially the EASTERN SCREECH. I (hopefully) have one that just moved into my back yard.

What's more, I've got a brand new baby boy (Born Dec 28) who I will love to read that book to in the near future. Thanks for the tip.


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