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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eastern Screech-Owl saves the day

While I was able to meet my Bird RDA for the day, I was feeling lousy about it being the first day that I hadn't added a new species to my 2008 year list. I'm not really doing a real Big Year, but I am trying to see as many species as I can this year. Eventually the day will come when I don't add a new species to the year list, but after two great weeks of birding in UT and AZ I wasn't ready for that day to come just yet!

I got a call that I needed to help out with something at church, so after I tucked the kids in bed I took off. On the way home, I stopped at a couple places to play an Eastern Screech-Owl tape. On my second stop, an owl flew up onto a branch near my car and called softly in response to my tape. Always great to see an owl, doubly great to see it when it adds another species to my year list.

Daily List: 22 species (110% of Bird RDA)
2008 List: 204 species

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